Mandarin Duck - Courtesy Wikipedia.org

This store, like all my other ones, came out of my strong desire to quit my daytime job.

As you see, it’s not an unusual story, but the journey was fascinating and enjoyable for me. So enjoyable that kept my spirits up while still weaning off the pesky job. And I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

I’m sure you didn’t come here looking for a tip on manifestation, but here you have it: if you want something, just go for it. There must be something you love doing to get you out of inertia and make a living with it. That way, you won’t even feel like working. Because who likes that?

LUCKYDUCK.ME was not a name I planned for, but a spare domain I owned, so why not put it at use? And this turned out to be a lucky coincidence, indeed.

In case you don’t know, the duck is the symbol of the most sought out virtues on Earth: good fortune, abundance, happiness, and love. If the duck is your animal spirit, it will guide you towards limitless joy. 

But even if your animal spirit is not the duck, at LUCKYDUCK.ME, you will always be lucky to find things you like and make you and the ones you love happy.

With handpicked merchandise, we strive to bring you high-quality items from all over the world, at unbeatable prices. We hope you will enjoy them for years to come. Thank you for passing by.

Floriana Fabian